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Tree Stump Removal Specialists


Our professionals will come out and give you a FREE ESTIMATE and once both parties have agreed on the description and price of the job, we will set a date and come back to complete the job. There are no hidden costs or up-front fees. We are able to offer the best prices on stump grinding because the equipment we use is top of the line. Many stumps vary in the price due to the location of the stump, accessibility, and size. Stump grinding is mainly priced on the diameter of the stump. We measure the stump not based on the cut of the tree but the widest points of the stump across. Note: We are able to “root chase” but it is an additional charge based on how long the root extends. After we have finished grinding the stump, we will use the mulch to fill in the hole. We also can remove the mulch and take it with us at the customer’s request.



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